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Xiao xun dating xiao yu

In and of itself, bamboo is strong and full of character, and has been a favorite subject of Chinese artists since the Song Dynasty.

Zheng Banqiao (1693-1765) wrote a poem about bamboo: “Clutching the mountain with no intent to let go / Rooted in broken rock. / Enduring the wind from all directions.”The poem aims to demonstrate the flexibility of bamboo.

In other words, ALL AF members are free to post wherever they would like to post. When she sings, her accent is really really think and it's a bit annoying. Seriously it would be too much if I had said Gui Gui is stealing Arron away from Rainie, Hebe, or other female celebs that he has worked with right?

(In THIS case, members ARE allowed to come in here and defend their idol(s).)] Edited by ♥ Blue Snowflake, 14 August 2008 - PM. HSH is all happy and cute, and she seems sooo fake when she's trying to be cute along with everyone else. & so same goes for Xiao Xun she's just acting with them, there's a difference.. Ya Tou in here acts as his "Girl Friend" so wouldn't the same go for her too since there are rumors sparking about them two being more than just friends ? of course Xiao Xun gets involve with their relationship, but that's how the story line goes ..

SO ke ai ^__________^ Well it's a good thing they took picturestogether afterwards anyways.

I'm actually really liking the the Wang Tou couple, but no. I don't really find her amazingly super duper good looking, but I wouldn't call her ugly either. First of all let me say I'm a fan of Xiao Xun & the rest of the Mei Mei's .. I just want to state my opinions on some of the comments you guys made... I'm tired of seeing you as the lead or whatever. In the end of the series, they won't be together. Xiao Yu was the one who chose to be with her instead of Mei Mei ...

Now in HTQXZ, she's in the way of Wang Zi/Ya Tou. feel free to post:][sorry yangel616i didn't see your topic thereso i accidently made another really sorry] Edited by lalacindy007, 13 August 2008 - AM. It's not in real life that she is getting in between Gui Wang and Xiao Yu & Mei Mei. I always thought she was a bit self-centered, especially in one episode where somebody said that she thinks all the male celebrities that go on the HSHMM show likes her. I'm actually really liking the the Wang Tou couple, but no. & in BSM she wasn't the one who liked Xiao Yu to begin with anyways he was the one chasing after her every single time so basically she didn't get in the way of Mei Mei or Xiao Yu..

Xiao Hong was born in Hulan County, Heilongjiang Province, on the day of the Dragon Boat Festival to a landowning family. She attended a girls school in Harbin in 1927, where she encountered the progressive ideas of the May Fourth movement as well as Chinese and foreign literature.

In 1930 she ran away to Beijing to avoid a planned marriage, though was eventually followed by her fiance Wang Dianjia.

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I have no clue which clip it is either or whatto search up so I can find it to finally hear Xiao Yu pick Xiao Xun!!! haha, but I will trymy best to find it so be patient with me =]Also thank you so very much if you screen cap the otherpics. Choco(Yess, you better be here & not be making excuses LOL.)It makes me miss Yu Xun bc there is no interaction betweenthem lately. It's so funny bche is going on about how she don't love him.

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