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Any trace of sexuality she might have is wiped away by her adult pigtails. Or the wild success of the book drive for the women's prison sponsored by Ms. PRINCIPAL SNUR (CONT'D) You've only been with us for one short year, but know that you'll always be a part of the JAMS family. SIXTH, SEVENTH and EIGHTH graders all race past her, running toward their summer vacation. The kids look at each other and then pull out a bag with a couple of joints.

Wally turns to AMY SQUIRREL, late 20s, cute and wholesome. PRINCIPAL SNUR Thanks, Amy, (then, back to his notes) . She sports an enormous diamond ring and dresses slightly more cosmopolitan than the other teachers. He hands it to Elizabeth, who considers what to write for a beat, then smiles as she signs it. JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL - HALLWAY - DAY Elizabeth walks down the hall holding her box.

n the basement of a crumbling old mansion in Los Angeles, two women dressed in 19th-century garb are beating each other senseless.

One wears a white blouse with lace detailing; the other, a black frock and a gloppy stripe of blood down her face.

TEACHERS who rarely get to drink at work, jockey for position, holding out their plastic flutes. ELIZABETH (V.0.) And I can't believe it's all over. And even though I'll never teach again professionally, I've realized that I don't need a blackboard and classroom to set an example.

SANDY PINKUS, 40s, sporting a ponytail, smiles, clearly enjoying the small compliment. Elizabeth passes Amy's classroom, where she is carefully removing inspirational posters from her walls and rolling them into cardboard tubes. JOHN ADAMS MIDDLE SCHOOL - DAY Three middle school BURNOUTS are smoking weed in a thicket on the outskirts of the school property.

This type of event gives you the chance to talk to people, give out your card and let people in your target area and target market know that you are their local connection for your business.

A vendor event if done correctly and attended well can have a very high return on investment for your business.Use the following script for easy party games: We're going on a Hawaiian vacation, so draw an island in the middle of your paper.To the left of your island, draw a ship You are surrounded by water, so put some fish in the sea This is Hawaii, so put a palm tree on the island Its a nice day, so put some birds in the air That ship didn't get there all by itself, so put a sailor on the ship He might get hungry, so draw some coconuts on the palm tree Sailors like to see where they are going, so put some port holes on the ship Sailors like entertainment, so draw a hula dancer on the island It's a sunny day, so put a sun in the sky Now you can open your eyes! Score points if: Draw a pumpkin in the center of your page Put some bats above the pumpkin Draw a moon in the upper left corner Oops!They brawl in a stone-walled chamber, as gamblers in waistcoats and top hats cheer them on, like .In a makeshift dressing room directly above them, James Franco hears the ruckus through the floorboards and smiles as a young woman combs pomade into his hair.

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He thumbs the enormous handlebar mustache riding his upper lip. "So I'm sorry if it's making me talk funny." made by a group of grad students; Franco, their professor, is about to act in a scene.

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