Indian pakistani dating

Indian pakistani dating

Pakistani Celebrities are known the world over as being incredibly good-looking and, therefore, it is not hard to imagine that someone from across the border fell in love with them.Here are a few Pakistani Celebrities who found love in India. So it is quite surprising to find out the he dated a Pakistani actress, Somy Ali, for 8 long years.The trade routes which traverse the Indus Valley linking Central Asia, India and the Orient have attracted people from as far as Greece and Mongolia and countless imperial powers, the last being the British Empire.All have contributed to the rich cultural diversity of the Indus Valley region, which since 1947 has been known as Pakistan.No human skeletons of this age have yet been found.

The actress was in Pakistan shooting for her second drama Laikin.India and Pakistan may be arch-nemesis, but the people of both countries have always shared a bond.This bond comes from the fact that both cultures, traditions and races are similar.Another site, called Riwat Site 55, shows a later occupation dated to around 45,000 years ago.The Soanian is a lower Paleolithic site (contemporary to the Acheulean) in upper Punjab, and named after the Soan Valley in the Sivalik Hills just southwest of Islamabad-Rawalpindi. At the sites of Adiyala and Khasala, about 16 kilometres (9.9 mi) from Rawalpindi, on the bend of the Soan River hundreds of edged pebble tools were discovered.

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Ever heard of the old adage “Love knows no bounds”.

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