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, which is based on Fran Drescher's post-martial life after husband Peter Marc Jacobson came out.On the show, Ferguson plays Peter's first boyfriend, Chris, whom Peter is secretly dating. You started in the industry pretty early — can you tell us a little bit about that journey? A good chunk of the work you’ve booked has been genre-based. My dad was a Trekkie so I grew up watching and pretty much anything that was sort of science based. I think I would like to do a bit more fantasy stuff, but I pretty much just want to work. I love doing character stuff, it’s really what I have the most fun with. SFS: Jo’s been established as a very tomboy-like character, someone that grew up in an all-male household, and had to get tough in order to survive that adolescence.SFS: In what ways are Erica and Jo different and in what ways are they similar? I don’t really like violence, I don’t really like war. I used to be a tomboy and I am a tough girl, so I like doing a lot of the stuff that Jo does do, but there’s a lot of things about Jo that are dissimilar. There’s always the women that insist on doing jobs that they just physically should not do or actually can’t do, and then there’s the women out there that have the right to be in an office and have the right to not be a stay-at-home mom and I think that there’s got to be a balance in between.I wish it was different, but I’m on a six-year contract and this isn’t going to change,'” adds Colin, whose Eureka character, Sheriff Jack Carter, has been getting busy with Dr.

I just think you guys are the best.” Salli Richardson-Whitfield: “I see how much you’ve loved and cared for us and I have a feeling I will never experience something like this again…thank you so much.” Neil Grayston: “Thank you everybody for watching ‘Eureka’ and making it what it was these past few years. They didn't need to, and what they had planned for the end of the season was so fantastic, but it was flattering they considered me—or liked gang?Such a nice group of people, especially Fran and Peter.At the time, Ferguson also had a main role on the gay themed mini-series, ?Colin Ferguson: They approached my agent and said, 'I think Colin would be great for this character that is coming up.' So I got on the phone with Peter [Marc Jacobson] who said you're Peter's—John Michael Higgins'—lover, and I said, 'Great.' Initially it was supposed to be just that episode, but I guess we got along so well that I'm coming back...

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And don’t forget to tune in for the premiere April 16 at 9 p.m. Colin Ferguson (Jack Carter): “The teleportation device. I also really enjoy ‘Up in the Air’…directed by Alexandra La Roche, our script supervisor…she’s one of the most phenomenally sensitive, artistic people around. Joe Morton (Henry Deacon): “More than feeding my imagination it’s fed my education…it’s been a great science lesson.” Salli Richardson-Whitfield (Allison Blake): “This show has changed my life…It’s sparked my imagination in ways of wanting to know more and learn more every day.” What has the show meant to you? [‘Eureka’] is part of my present, past and future.” And, last, but not least…a special thank you to fans.

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