Chinese astrology and dating

Chinese astrology and dating

Born with an innate sense of decency and a need for equilibrium in a chaotic world, Dogs strongly denounce injustice and wrongdoing.

They value honor and truth and are usually among the first to speak out against injustice and champion the cause of the downtrodden.

And who better to understand such compulsions than a fellow Tiger.

Though their names might suggest otherwise, Rats and Snakes actually make decent catches.

As a result a Tiger may appear emotionally distant even to people they are fond of and particularly heartless to a Rooster or Pig who expects wholehearted emotional involvement in love.

The Ox is the second sign in the Chinese zodiac cycle.

Instead they wish to look beyond the superficialities of appearance and accessories into the minds of their partners and wish to engage in a lively intellectual exchange. For all their intellectual fire and originality, the Tiger possesses a curious emotional detachment from the world of emotions and feelings.

They are not comfortable dissecting emotions and sharing feelings but would rather have their actions governed by their rational mind.

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But overall happiness can be marred by a tendency to dominance and intolerance and such traits put one Ox’s compatibility with another in something of jeopardy.

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