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Buffy waltrip dating

It's at least a question that could have been asked; it wasn't, though.

The NASCAR media is, on the whole, a sharp group of people who are skilled at breaking news, writing commentaries and covering every aspect of the sport.

NASCAR driver Michael Curtis Waltrip who divides his time between racing and doing racing commentary these days might be doing alright, professionally speaking, but a couple of years back, wasn’t doing that well on the personal front; in short, he got divorced!

Dashing roadster, Michael Curtis Waltrip married Elizabeth Franks, in 1993. They met in 1992 and fell in love when Michael got hurt in a car crash.

The NASCAR media, often derided by those who work in the sport as being too negative, invasive into the drivers' personal lives and having tabloid tendencies, chose not to report on Busch's marital issues. The demise of Michael Waltrip's marriage to former wife Buffy was well known among the media – but few words about it ever appeared in print until Waltrip himself addressed the topic in his recent autobiography.

If Busch was an NFL star, for example, this would have come out months ago. The best explanation I can give is, personally, I don't have the stomach it takes to dig into someone's relationship and write a story about it.

I justified it by telling myself, "Well, it doesn't affect him on the track." But given Busch's vitriolic tirades on the team radio this spring – which were widely reported on – perhaps it did.

All of a sudden, dozens of ever-observant NASCAR fans – many of whom are just as interested in the drivers' off-track lives as they are in their on-track pursuits – lit up Twitter and Facebook. The truth is, those in the NASCAR garage – including all of the media – have known for months that Kurt Busch was no longer with his wife. In other sports, such a public figure's divorce would be treated as a news story. And I may have never addressed the topic had Busch not been so public with his new flame by bringing her onto pit road, where the whole NASCAR world – along with the TV cameras – can see what's happening.

Reporters didn't coordinate with one another or decide as a group not to address the topic, but individually determined not to go there. Like many of the NASCAR wives – some of whom have their own Twitter accounts and fan followings – Buffy Waltrip had a high profile in the media and even appeared in television commercials with her then-husband.

In contrast, I was a little nightmare, far too independent and, my mother tells me, very bossy.

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