Chatzy sexy

Chatzy sexy

Gooper Blooper: who's in control any more Ruby Chao: i suppose i'll have to bring tenshi back for 2015 at this rate Ruby Chao: despite the outcry against it Gooper Blooper: If you insist Ringabel: lel Thrash: I was always told that writing reflects the writer. Rock Candy Guy: -credits roll- (pause) Rock Candy Guy: I'm probably in trouble for standing at this water fountain for so long --- Gooper Blooper: I heard they considered a Thunder Yellow for GBA but even Game Freak was like "okay no that's too much milking" and backed off Ruby Chao: ​game freak rejecting milking Ruby Chao: now i've heard everything --- Gooper Blooper: tenhsi hianawni Ruby Chao: oh god --- Steel Komodo: ok so watching this cartoon Steel Komodo: Yogi Bear is a selfish prick Steel Komodo: his pals are trying to find this ruby and Dick Dastardly just tried to blow them all up Steel Komodo: and instead of helping them he's in the kitchen cooking fucking pancakes Steel Komodo: even Boo-Boo knows this is dumb as shit but he doesn't do anything to stop him so he's just as bad Ruby Chao: YOGI BEAR IS DOUCHIER THAN THE AVERAGE BEAR Steel Komodo drinks heavily --- Steel Komodo: the To Qgers are gonna stay for half a day in a place called Dazzle Valley Steel Komodo: Hikari's reading a detective novel, tho, and is gonna stay on the train Steel Komodo: man, they take reading seriously in Japan Steel Komodo: Gloria would be right at home Ruby Chao: so would i, sk Ruby Chao: THE PEOPLE, THEY UNDERSTAND ME --- Steel Komodo: ok so Toride doesn't really know if the To Qgers are the culprits are not Steel Komodo: but he's bringing them in to be on the safe side Steel Komodo: I guess this guy follows the spirit of the law rather than the letter Steel Komodo: a law unique to him given unto him by the mad octopus god only he can see Draco: 8V Draco draws angry eyebrows on Goops. =V Gooper Blooper: the mad octopus god Gooper Blooper: IS ME Steel Komodo: D: Ruby Chao: dark rituals involving books, money, sweets, and environmental activism pamphlets Ruby Chao: to unleash the goops into the mortal world Ringabel: nnnnnoooo Ringabel: he's already in the mortal world dude Ringabel: and he's playing various vidya Ruby Chao: that's because SOMEONE SUMMONED HIM, harpy Ringabel: his mom did Ruby Chao: ...that's true Draco: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Gooper Blooper Vermont wgah'nagl fhtagn!-reading up at Goops-traits in chars- -stares at cast and writing- Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to hell I go, gettin' on the way got no time to play, hi ho, hi ho hi ho hi ho Thrash wanders away again --- Ruby Chao: goops, question Ruby Chao: what if i invited you... --- Red Spy: Oh god Mega Man no D: --- Tableter: matt and zoe Tableter: Actually i should probably rephrase Tableter: Conrad and ellie Saberwulf: Basically Tableter: Its sad because its true Ruby Chao: 40 years from now we'll still be calling del's characters huge dorks Ruby Chao: and i'll be thinking of how to work in the characters from Touhou 30 Gooper Blooper: *40 years later* "Aw man, Sarah got second place for the third time in a row. : Took the words off my fingers, lol --- Red Spy: having an organic chem test and a genetics test in the same day Red Spy: This is like fighting off Mechagodzilla and King Ghidorah at the same time.Get serious about reaching your goal and try to set aside at least from every paycheck and put it in an account where you can watch it grow.

Gooper Blooper: I think he's saving that part for the conclusion Gooper Blooper: viola etc Ruby Chao: channel your inner viola Ruby Chao channels his inner viola too hard, starts fanboying over Tenshi Gooper Blooper: what do you do Gooper Blooper: when you're a fan of your own character Ruby Chao: write them more i guess? Red Spy: And so Godzilla obtained his Ph D in Smashing (with a minor in Thuganomics) Rock Candy Guy: And it was a glorious end for us all, until the camera cut away to a nearby street lamp, and it's sinister gaze towards the audience!Thrash: : U Ringabel: Kevin is not sure how to feel about this article Gooper Blooper: they're talking specifically about the lower body areas tho Thrash: Not entirely.The breasts are covered in the last paragraph, for infants already born and feeding. Draco: All the Sarahkin took class Archetypes that use Int for their Spellcasting instead of Charisma or Wisdom. Too public, and their suppliers would be irked if they went blasting off every time they went on a job. Thrash proceeds to write a grim Noire filled with blood in the pogey world --- Gooper Blooper: you tritium Ruby Chao: just start pasting that sticker on every villain utsuho defeats Draco: Tenshi adds a peach to her hat every time she defeats a villain. =V Gooper Blooper: burrrrn Ruby Chao: that burn is so hot not even tenshi can tank it --- Ruby Chao: i'm rereading the terminator fight Ruby Chao: forgot how much space marines were jobbers Gooper Blooper: I remembered Gooper Blooper: Xarr was to try and make a threatening marine Ruby Chao: it worked!Official Site Do you have a kinky fetish or roleplaying idea that is hard to share with others in your social circle?Kinksters Chat is a great place to be as wild as your imagination.

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Chatting with someone annonymously is fun, creating a character and role playing at the same time is even better. This site is a roleplay online chat room that lets you let loose and meet new people. While it’s not the most beautiful site in the world, it’s very functional if all you want to do is chat and meet others with similar role playing fetishes.

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    By subscribing to, you certify that you are eighteen (18) or twenty-one (21) years of age or older (whichever is applicable in your area); that you are familiar with all local laws in your area affecting your legal right to access erotica, or adult-oriented materials; and that you have the legal right to access adult-oriented materials, and that has the legal right to transmit them to you.

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